We have had a great late May and early June, We have had whlaes on our last 15 trips out! Yesterday we saw minke, gray transient orca and resident orca! Four different types of whales in one day. All three of our trips saw atleast two varieties! On one trip transient circled arounf the boat as they hunted seals. One seal sought refuge on the transom of a near by Zodiak. We are still having lots of Transient Orca activity and since the gray whale showed up a bit late they seem to be lingering a bit longer than ussual.


a transient encounter

March 29, 2010

March 28, 2010

We will be running Spring Gray Whale tours in the triton our newest boat from both Semiahmoo Resort and Orcas Island.

Gray Whale Tours

March 28, 2010

Gray whlaes should be showing up in Boundray Bay any day now!